Success Stories

Guven Hospital / Health Sector:

Growth Hacking of 12,000 targeted App downloading in 3 months

Advantage Solicitors Ltd / Law Sector:

3.500 lead generation in 2 months

Bonvila Ltd/ Grocery E-commerce Sector:

20xROI (Return on Investment)

Tees Ltd / Distribution Sector:

Listed the company’s product to 2 stores online and 67 stores on offline platforms with the increment of 42% of the Total Sales.

Sergen Erkarslan

Co-Founder of Bonvila

“Digipac’s team of growth consultants worked
closely with us to carve out a multi-channel
marketing strategy. As a result, Digipac helped us
deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital
channels and drastically improve our conversion
rates. In addition, by optimizing the product portfolio
up to 31%, they maximized the ROI by 20 times.”